Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Times Still Hates Corporate Welfare (Except When it Comes to the Rays)

Remember this post, "Times Hates Corporate Welfare; Except for Maybe Pro Sports Teams?"

Well, this morning, the editorial board penned another anti-subsidy piece slamming "corporate welfare" {link to Times' site}:
That is not the wisest use of millions in tax breaks, and better regional coordination in business recruitment would shift the focus toward creating new jobs instead of moving the existing ones around.
It's curious why the paper doesn't feel that way about relocating a Rays stadium from St. Petersburg to Tampa?  Or does it feel the threat of relocation is so real and imminent that spending hundreds of millions of public dollars on a retail business makes sense, contrary to so many of its other editorials?

1 comment:

  1. Comes down to self interest for the GTimez
    and Rayz.
    Timez ownership knows the financial value of the webpage views of Rayz fans. The public perception that the Tmez are "positive" about a mallpark is good p.r. in general no matter the financial realities tax dollar-wise.
    There's much commingling of Rayz front office folks and Timez writers/management in social situations and it would be too coincidental that they aren't in lock-step on this. Both parties are dependent on
    each other.