Thursday, July 3, 2014

How the Rowdies' Stadium Saga Will Go Down

If you remember my 2009 post on "How the Rays' stadium saga will go down," or the 2011 update, you know I regularly reference the typical blueprint for how pro sports franchises leverage public subsidies.

Well, since buying the Tampa Bay Rowdies last year, Bill Edwards has followed that blueprint too.  It started with complaining about conditions at Al Lang Stadium, the lease he inherited when he bought the team.  Then, he started talking about a new stadium.

Now, after currying favor with local politicians, he's cranking up pressure on St. Petersburg to act (sound familiar, Rays fans?).

According to Kameel Stanley at the Tampa Bay Times, Edwards filed a lawsuit over conditions at Al Lang {link to Times' site}.  Stanley reports the complaint not only alleges maintenance violations, but also a new dispute over the team's share of ticket sales.

I'll stop short of making too many predictions on this one, other than the fact that - much like the Rays' stalemate - it'll take a long time to reach a resolution.

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  1. Considering the events at their game this past Sunday, Edwards probably has more pressing short-term concerns to address, rather than their own stadium issues.