Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Indians Go All High-Tech in Studying Attendance Issues

What happens when you already have a modern stadium and you can't draw folks to the ballpark?

Interesting read from Crain's Cleveland on the Indians' attendance analytics.  An excerpt:
Shapiro attributes the Indians' attendance to the size of the Northeast Ohio market, what he calls the “fragmentation” of the sports entertainment market, and such variables as the number of people living downtown.

One crucial number the Indians can control is their season-ticket base of about 8,000, which Shapiro has said significantly lags behind major-league teams in similar markets. To the Indians, that core group of customers represents a certainty in a sport in which weather and other elements can be such unknowns.

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  1. It could just be that Cleveland simply doesn't have the population base to sustain three major-league teams in terms of attendance... a little bit like Tampa Bay, actually.