Thursday, August 28, 2014

Royals Endure Their Own Fan Support Scandals

Ned Yost, manager of the first-place Royals, made Evan Longoria-like comments about his team's poor crowd on Tuesday night...
“I mean, what, 13,000 people got to see a great game?” he said in his post-game news conference.
“I know it’s a school night. But I’ve been through this before in Atlanta (when the Braves first made the playoffs) in ‘91, where it didn’t matter what night it was, that place was packed at the end of August and September. The fans really got into it.

“I know there’s different things you can do. You can watch it on the Internet. You can watch it on TV. But there’s a real need for our fans to be a part of this. We had a great crowd last night, and I was kind of hoping we’d have another great crowd tonight, and we really didn’t.
"We’ve been working hard to make our fans happy and make our fans proud for a lot of years, and we’d like them out here to enjoy a night like this with us. Because this was a special night. This was a fun night. I just wish there could’ve been more out here to enjoy it with us.”

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The article went on to mention that Yost misremembered the Atlanta days, since the Braves drew some miserable crowds during their 1991 playoff run too.  And, the Royals drew 30,000+ the previous night, a Monday (vs the Yankees).

Nevertheless, its clearly not just the Rays who struggle to draw big crowds during playoff runs.

Meanwhile, the Rays' attendance is off by an additional 360 fans per game (18,120) from the same point last year.  Not so bad, however, when you consider most MLB teams are down this year, averaging 243 fewer fans per game from a year ago.

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