Friday, August 1, 2014

The David Price Trade is the Stadium Saga's Fault

So David Price gets traded.

Joe Maddon and the Rays hint that it's the stadium's fault {link to Times' site}:
"You lose (James) Shields. You lose (Carl) Crawford. You lose B.J. (Upton). A lot of good guys. That's what happens around here.'' Maddon said. "Until we build a new ballpark, it's going to continue to happen.''
Neil deMause from Field of Schemes points out "Crawford and Upton have both pretty much sucked since leaving the Rays" and "Maddon should be counting his blessings that the lack of a new stadium has given ownership the excuse" not to waste money on those type of guys.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering how teams like the Tigers can afford all those expensive's a combination of a lot of things....including $37 million from their friends in Lakeland, Florida.

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  1. JoMa says 'until we build a new ballpark'. Who is 'we'. Is it Joe Maddon - currently owner of a 40' RV looking to upgrade to a 43' RV - and/or Stu Sternberg - currently sitting on a $300 million increase in the value of the TB Rays franchise) or is it the the taxpayers that make do with broken down school buses, unaffordable after school child care, neglect of special needs children and adults, etc.?