Friday, August 8, 2014

What If Stu Sternberg Had Been Named MLB Commissioner?

Marc Topkin reports Rays' owner Stu Sternberg was a candidate - but ultimately not one of three finalists - to replace Bud Selig as MLB Commissioner {link to Times' site}.

Could you imagine the scramble to become new owner of the Rays?

Could you imagine the opportunities for MLB to leverage the sale into threats of the team leaving without a new stadium?

Could you imagine how quickly Sternberg would change his tune from "the Rays belong in Tampa Bay" to "there are lots of places we're looking to move the team?"

However, none of that will happen anytime soon...the New York Times reports the job will go to either MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred, MLB top business official Tim Brosnan or Red Sox chairman Tom Werner.

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  1. Why wouldn't one of Sternberg's other partners just become Principal managing partner of the Rays?