Friday, July 24, 2015

New Rays Stadium Verse, Same as the First

Add another chapter to the eight-year-long Stadium Saga that will probably mean very little in the long-run: St. Pete's council approved a land study of the Tropicana Field site to either "show the Rays what advantages exist within Tropicana Field" or "tell us a bunch of things we already know,” depending which councilmember you ask.

Mayor Kriseman and the Rays still have to sign-off on the study, however, since the $125,000 cost would be split between the team and the city.

Also in "didn't this already happen?" news, the Times endorsed Lisa Brown-Wheeler for St. Pete's pivotal D7 council seat.

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I wrote in May the Times would endorse "the first candidate to support the mayor's deal with the Rays" and sure enough, they did.  But the question remains if it will matter since most of the paper's readers can't vote in the St. Pete municipal elections.  Allowing the Rays to look in Tampa isn't the most popular stance in St. Pete.

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  1. St. Pete didn't already know what they have there? It's things like that that shows how much smarter the Rays are...

    1. "It's things like that that shows how much smarter the Rays are..."

      Do you even pluralize verbs, bro? Is your writing accidental or intentional humor?