Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rays Attendance Watch: All-Star Edition

It's been nice letting Mike Lortz and Chris O'Donnell handle the Rays' attendance watch, but to keep tradition alive, here's how $#!^ stands going into the 2015 All-Star Break.

2015 halfway attendance: 14,730
2014 halfway attendance: 16,902
2013 halfway attendance: 17,760

The good news is the Rays' attendance has been ticking upward a little bit since the end of the Lightning playoff run, but the team's recent two-week slump could mean hopes of a huge recovery due to an MLB playoff run are getting dimmer.

There are lots of reasons contributing to the team's struggles at the gate, but the first explanations I've always turned to is the team's self-fulfilling prophecy and the region's lack of ability/interest in supporting three pro teams at once.

Happy All-Star Break.


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  1. Max attendance this year - home opener game 1: 31,042
    Attendance on game 2: 13,906
    2nd Max attendance this year - game 40: 23,876

    Min attendance this year - game 13: 8,701
    2nd Min attendance - game 26: 9,628

    1. Number of days where attendance exceeded average of 14,730: 19 games.

      Number of games where attendance was below average of 14,730: 29

      In other words, the attendance for Rays games is pitiful