Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Former NBA Ref Donaghy: Replacement Refs Risk Corruption

Ask any of the tens hundreds of thousands of betting Americans who lost money on a blown call in last night's Packers/Seahawks game and every one will tell you replacement refs are ruining the NFL.

Of course, Roger Goddell - with his record TV audiences and record revenues - may disagree, but disgraced NBA ref Tim Donaghy doesn't.

Donaghy, serving out the last month or so of his three-year probation in Florida, told Pittsburgh's 93.7 The Fan that inexpensive, inexperienced refs add huge corruption risks to the NFL.

"The bottom line is, you're showed film (and) maybe there's holding that needs to be cracked down on a certain team," Donaghy said of referee's weekday film sessions. "Gambling guys love to get their hands around information like that.

"When you have access...that information is very, very valuable and it's used to get an edge."

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