Friday, September 28, 2012

Rays Ready for New Stadium Proposal, New Elected Officials if Necessary

Before anyone gets to excited about today's stadium proposal in St. Pete, realize it's just another tiny chapter in the eternally-long Stadium Saga.  The problem, of course, is not where to put a stadium, but how to fund one.

However, the Rays can sleep well knowing one advantage they'll always have over local municipalities is turnover rate.

That is to say, while politicians change frequently, the leadership of sports teams/leagues doesn't.  So if a current team/city relationship isn't going smoothly, a team only has to wait for voters to replace him or her.  Just ask Minnesota or Miami.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Rays' stadium czar Michael Kalt has been scheduling meetings with Pinellas County Commissioners, both ahead of - and after - St. Pete's stadium forum.  The Hillsborough Commission, which has anxiously awaited its chance to talk to the Rays, may not be far behind.

So while there's no telling what's going on behind closed doors and there's no telling how today's presentation will go (actually, I think I know), all the Rays have to do to get a shift in opinion is wait out a few more elections.

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