Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rays Attendance Watch: September 26

It would take a near-miracle at this point for the Rays to avoid a 30th-place finish in the MLB attendance standings, sitting at 19,418 fans per game with just one week to go.  They'd have to give tickets away (and they practically are)!

But the good news is the team still has a chance at the playoffs....and the Rays are up more than 500 fans a game from last year

Also, there will be several distractions the next few days to keep the sports talk hosts from harping on that last-place attendance finish:  Friday, a Pinellas Co. developer will pitch his idea for a Gateway/Carillon stadium; and this weekend, the Rays might actually be playing a meaningful series against the Orioles for a wild-card spot.

Of course, if the season ends next Wednesday, we can look forward to 6 months of stadium rumors.  But should the Rays see their shadow and reach the postseason, it will be just 26 weeks of repetitive talks on the Stadium Saga.

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