Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Business of Lockouts

We all know the referee lockout is hurting the "integrity" of the NFL, but it isn't hurting its business.  People are still going to games (except in Tampa), people are still watching games on TV, and people are still betting on games.

Yesterday I wrote how former NBA ref Tim Donaghy was concerned how the lockout could even affect the integrity of gambling; then WTSP's Charles Billi sat down with the Sarasota resident to discuss the issue.

Other lockout losers, as pointed out in today's Tampa Tribune, include businesses around hockey arenas.  The already-struggling Channelside complex in Tampa could see business drop by 50 percent or more, while the city could see revenue drops associated with the team as well.  Of course, if there is no drop in sales tax, does that mean teams don't bring the economic impact to cities they claim?

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