Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Malcolm Glazer's Death Ends Family Run on Forbes 400

With Malcolm Glazer's $4+ billion fortune now presumably split among his kin, the Buccaneers' owner - and his family - no longer make the Forbes 400 list of richest people in America.

The new richest sports owner in the world is now Steve Ballmer, of Microsoft fame, after he purchased the Clippers.  The $2 billion purchase price was just a fraction of his estimated $22.5 billion overall wealth.

Ballmer supplants another Microsoft product at the top of the franchise-owner list, Paul Allen, who owns the Seattle Seahawks, but is worth just a paltry $17 million.  His value is up more than a billion dollars since 2013...not a bad year.

Other notables include Miami Heat owner Mickey Arison ($6.4 billion) and the Dolphins' subsidy-seeking owner, Stephen Ross, whose value was up more than 10% ($6 billion).

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