Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Rays Players, Managers Speak Out Against Trop

We know how Rays executives feel about Tropicana Field, and thanks to guys like Joe Maddon, Evan Longoria, and David Price - we also know how the guys in uniform feel about it.

This week, Maddon was quoted by the Times as saying, "To not have a legitimate major-league ballpark would be the only minus within the whole organization.  And the moment we're able to get a new ballpark on the ground and running that's when this organization has a chance to really (turn into a top organization)."

Then, he followed up the comments at his season-ending press conference, as reported by Martin Fennelly:
"I’ve also stated that the new ballpark is a situation that we would like to get done here, and I’m not going to back down from that at all."
But it wasn't Maddon's first foray into the Stadium Saga.  A brief history of comments from him & his players:
The frustrations are understandable, but they don't help the situation...they only inflame it.  And over the years, you'd think the team would have had enough time to hone its message.

A closing reminder from Buster Olney:


  1. I get so tired of sports writers ripping the Trop. OK it is different from other MLB parks but different is not bad. The current thinking (anybody who denies it is less than honest) is to move the park to Tampa and the Channelside area.

    Terrible move to Channelside. On game nights at a facility that is 50% smaller than a new MLB park, the Times Forum home of the Tampa Bay Lightning is a mess. Traffic and parking are terrible. Having people park blocks away and walking or getting shuttled (I don't feel like standing in the rain waiting for a shuttle bus) isn't the solution. A nearby parking garage is just not enough

    This is the same crap when the Rays tried to float another site in St. Pete. No parking and shuttle the fans in. Also no real cover. Just a "sail". We were told it was no hotter in the summer than K.C. It is hotter than hell in K.C. in the Summer. And I don't care about the Summer in K.C. The big shots will be comfortable in their suites. Plus we need protection from the rain. Even Miami finally got that.

    Thee has to be other locations in the Bay area beside Channelside. The ones who will benefit are real estate investors and speculators including the Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinek and now Bill gates who has bought in.

    Be sensible for once and think of the fans. I do not live in St. Pete or Tampa and drive 40 miles to see the games (I am a season ticket holder) but if they move to Channelside I will not renew my season tickets.

  2. If Maddon, Longoria, Price (not likely), Crawford (not likely) are going to pay for the new stadium, than they can criticize all they want. Heck, maybe they can even convice Stu Sternberg to chip in. If not, than STFU.

    1. Scott,

      My message is above yours and I agree with what you say. After the dog and pony show in Miami I don't think there will be much support in Tallahassee. If Tampa chips in they are crazy. A few hundred jobs selling beer and peanuts is not a big deal. Counting the Rays salaried employees working in St. Pete who would transfer is not a fair deal either.

      Besides playing here Longoria's big contribution is a restaurant he invested in in Tampa. He lives off season in Arizona so most of his dough is not here. Same for Madden. He couldn't wait to get in his motor home and leave for Cali. Sternberg? He sure as hell doesn't live here.

      Let's see some people who really care about the Tampa Bay area. And you reporters from NY, Boston, and elsewhere who gripe about the Trop. Where is your investment? All you have done is dissed the Bay area from the get go. To you I have a special message. You shut the f*** up as well.

      Let's not make the same mistake Miami did. Great stadium and still people don't go because they have crappy ownership.

      I have had just about enough of another New Yorker telling us what we have to do. I don't believe he cares about baseball in the area beyond his profits. And now he trades Price to punish us? Does he think that will help?

      I hope St. Pete holds them to the fire unless THEY get a deal that is fair to St. Pete.

    2. Anonymous,

      RIGHT ON!

      Stu Sternberg lives in a home valued at $62 million (per in Rye, NY.

      I sent a letter recently to Stu Sternberg's home that you might find entertaining. If you want a copy, please send me your email address. My email address is

      Thanks for your support and great thinking!

  3. The Olney message should be posted in clubhouses of all professional sports franchises, sanity and reason in the "toy box" world.