Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FBI: Brits Threatened Glazers

We knew the Brits were no fans of the late Malcolm Glazer, but we had no idea the FBI had investigated threats after he purchased Manchester United back in 2005:
The FBI released more than 120 pages of partially redacted records, including details on threatening telephone calls and emails, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from The Associated Press.

On the morning of May 12, 2005, the day Glazer became the majority shareholder, a male caller with a British accent called the Buccaneers headquarters in Tampa, asked many questions about the Bucs and ended the call by saying he wished Glazer were dead, according to an FBI report on the threat.
Several hours later, a male caller again speaking with a British accent identified himself as a member of the Manchester United Action Group and warned that the Glazer family would be in danger unless Glazer backed down from his takeover bid, the FBI report said.
Another call came the following day, with the man saying he was the same person who had called before and asking, “Do you remember me?” The caller said he knew people who “were ready to take action against Glazer,” and against another person whose name is redacted.
The AP also reports the NFL beefed up security at every stadium the Bucs visited that year.


  1. There are plenty of folks in the Tampa Bay area who are also not fans of the Glazers. Looks like we are lot more civilized, that the folks across the pond, alledgedly.

  2. Don't bee too smug about "civilized" locals.
    USA is rapidly degenerating to the low standards of Britain in all categories.