Friday, October 24, 2014

Low Attendance Won't Cost Tampa Bay the Rays, but Played Factor in Friedman/Maddon Exits

It was nearly two years ago I wrote this:
Relocation and contraction are Bud Selig's pipe dreams, but the biggest nightmare possibility of inaction is the exodus of Sternberg, Matt Silverman, Andrew Friedman, and Joe Maddon.
Half the nightmare is here.

Joe Maddon's departure from the Rays today follows Andrew Friedman's last week.

Which reinforces my previous comments that the stadium/attendance frustrations weren't likely to cost Tampa Bay its team...but it was ultimately going to play a factor in the changing of a very valuable guard.

According to the Times, Maddon said he left for the money "and opportunity."  While the Rays were believed to have offered upwards of $3 million, Marc Topkin wrote he could possibly command up to $5 million a year.

A look back at Maddon's love/hate relationship with Tropicana Field:

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