Saturday, February 16, 2013

Foster, Sternberg Meeting Produces Few (Public) Developments

St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster and Tampa Bay Rays principal owner Stu Sternberg met face-to-face Friday for the first time since last January, and - per Foster's wishes - the meeting was held in private.

Foster has indicated cities often lose when teams negotiate through public opinion, rather than traditional channels, such as elected leaders.

In a joint statement following their meeting, the Rays and Foster said, "Today's conversation was a productive one and we anticipate continuing it in the coming weeks."


  1. Why can't Sternburg meet with Buckhorn? He's the freaking owner of the Rays, he should be able to do what ever he wants.

  2. He can meet with Buckhorn, but the Rays' contract with St. Petersburg expressively prohibits Sternberg from discussing potential stadium sites in Tampa. Not to mention Buckhorn said he wouldn't try and compete against St. Pete.