Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today in the Papers....

Today in the papers, a story about another Downtown Tampa apartment tower going up.  I've never said Downtown Tampa wouldn't benefit from a baseball stadium, but once again, I'd ask - with all that development booming - does it need a baseball stadium?

Also, Evan Longoria is finally going public with news of his investment in a new mini-bowling alley and sportsbar on Tampa's Kennedy Blvd., not too far from his condo in Downtown Tampa (but typically about 30 minutes from Tropicana Field).

And, here's one final nugget from the non-paper world of - Rays VP Andrew Friedman talking about the prospects of re-signing David Price: "The question is: If our resources don’t increase, then it’s going to be really difficult to compete."


  1. "with all that development booming - does it need a baseball stadium?", no offense, but what a dumb question. That's like asking if someone owns a lot of value stuff do you really need money? Tech. no, but they're two of same, which is they same thing I BEEN SAYING for the past year, but "Naive Noah" wants to continue to repeat himself with saying the Rays stadium situation is OK, new stadiums sucks, and no one has money. (Again) News flash, the Rays are moving to Channelside, which is insider info that seems that only me, the Rays, Tampa officials, and Channelside developers want to understand...
    I'm not hating, just trying to help your "blog" moving along...

  2. Hey pal, you're just taking up space...

    1. LOL, wayda take up space by posting a post about taking up space... Let's just say there's people like you (PJ) that don't get it, and there's people that's able to understand the bigger picture... Hope the rock you live under is nice PJ!

  3. I look forward to your "insider info" making its way to the Rays, Tampa officials, and Channelside developers so we can report it! How long do you suppose they'll keep their big secret a secret?

  4. It's not up to them to break news, if you owned the Rays, would you make your moves behind the scenes, or make sure it's all in front of cameras & reporters? "The strong move quiet, and the weak start riots!"

  5. Also, Noah, as much as plugs your site, how about a plug in return? (see what I did there? lol)

    GO Rays!

  6. Lots of love for Rays Index! Just search for "index" at the top of the blog.

  7. Starting to feel the love w/in Rays Republic! It's going to be a great season...