Sunday, February 10, 2013

Times Asks, "Where the Season Tix?"

The Tampa Bay Times wrote this morning that while there was no way to tell how many season tickets the Rays are actually selling, they conducted an unscientific survey of local businesses and public officials to determine who was buying tickets and who wasn't.

It's important follow-up coverage local papers should have done last month (when I wrote the Rays' selective "300 season ticket accounts in St. Pete" didn't provide a clear picture of anything).

An excerpt:
"What does Tampa have? What does Clearwater have? What does Brandon have?" City Council member Bill Dudley complained Thursday. "We are being singled out.'' 
The Rays won't say. Like other baseball owners, they rarely offer details about season tickets. And after his one brief salvo, Sternberg returned to clam status. 
So the Tampa Bay Times started asking around. Who does buy season tickets? Who doesn't? 
This limited survey did not begin to answer Dudley's question about Brandon, et. al. But it did yield interesting results.
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