Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tampa City Council Wants Tax Money Back From Bucs

Remember that "sweetheart deal" the Bucs got from Hillsborough County taxpayers?  The one elected officials have recently promised "will never happen again?"  The one that guarantees stadium financing but not schools, parks, or police financing?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa's city council wants a piece of it back:
The Tampa City Council will consider this week whether to seek about $2.57 million from a fund created in 1996 with Community Investment Tax money to pay for a "first-class NFL practice facility" for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"It's about time we get back our $2.5 million," said City Council Chairman Charlie Miranda, who opposed creating the fund in the first place.

The money was set aside after Hillsborough County voters approved a half-cent sales tax increase to pay for roads, schools and other projects, including the construction of Raymond James Stadium and the Bucs' practice facility.

The original deal was that the Bucs would get the money — now totaling nearly $11.67 million — after the team built a facility and turned it over to the Tampa Sports Authority.

In 2007, the Bucs ended up building an even more expensive practice facility, but never deeded it to the Sports Authority.

Last summer, county officials said they had waited long enough and needed the money for park expansions and other priorities. The Sports Authority's board agreed.

The county already has requested the transfer of its share, about $8.5 million, and now Tampa, Plant City and Temple Terrace are getting ready to do the same, Sports Authority general counsel Steven Anderson said Tuesday.
 At least the forecast for this "first-class" facility deal is better than the one St. Louis signed...

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  1. To the Editors/Publishes of the Tampa Bay Tribune:

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe your paper - Tampa Tribune - covered this story today - 2/6/2013. But the paper across the bridge did. Pretty ironic since Hillsborough County, where your paper is based, pays for 100%+ of the care and feeding of RayJay, and the paper across the bridge resides in Pinellas County and pays for 0% of the care and feeding of RayJay.

    What say you?