Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Forbes: Glazers Now Worth $4.4 Billion

Thanks to a $3 billion valuation of Manchester United, Malcolm Glazer & family are now the 286th-richest billionaires in the world, according to Forbes.  Their $4.4 billion value is second in the state of Florida, as well as second among NFL team owners.

Seattle Seahawks owner (and Microsoft co-founder) Paul Allen (worth $15 billion) is keeping the Glazers from the top of the NFL list, while Miami Heat owner (and Carnival Cruise Line chairman) Mickey Arison tops the list of Sunshine State residents at $5.7 billion.

It's good financial news for the Glazers after a few years of less-than-stellar headlines, but as loyal reader Scott Myers points out, the family could have avoided all of their 2012 Buccaneers blackouts by spending a paltry sum of $750,000.  That's less than .01% of how much the family's value grew since September, according to Forbes.

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  1. To bad the NFL isn't a free-market-like league like MLB...