Sunday, March 10, 2013

Update: Maybe the Rays Can Afford David Price?

While the chic speculation amongst sportswriters these days is how the Rays may have to trade away David Price, it's been the contention of this blog that the team's financial future may not be as grim as some paint it.

In fact, Rays' owner Stu Sternberg was quoted today saying, "there is no question that we can handle a contract like David's, but what are you able to put around him?

"We haven't had (thoughts of trading Price)," Sternberg continued.  "Others have speculated. There's been speculation but we haven't had those thoughts at all."

According to Roger Mooney at the Tampa Tribune, Sternberg added that he's "optimistic" about the stadium situation after his February meeting with St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster.  And the team offsets "higher-than-expected" payrolls (such as 2013's expected $60+ million figure) with years where it's "lower than expected."


  1. Could extra revenue sharing money offset price contract? IMO David price has value to rays beyond his onfield performance to the rays and the area.

  2. They can afford him, but whether or not they will want to tie up all that money in 1 player is the question, which time will tell based on how well we can develop other pitchers and/or have a team that can score more then enough runs...