Sunday, March 3, 2013

Times Explores Trop Redevelopment; But Major Question Lingers

The Times' Stephen Nohlgren reported today on prospects and ideas for redeveloping Tropicana Field.  Rays' VP Michael Kalt told Pinellas Commissioners in January that they were basically sitting on a goldmine by shackling baseball to the 85-acre piece of land that's "lying fallow."

Nohlgren spoke to business leader and former ABC Coalition member Craig Sher, who was excited about the redevelopment possibilities.  And acknowledged - as Mayor Bill Foster confessed recently - that redeveloping in today's economy may not be as easy as the Rays imply.

But one important question remains, as this blog pointed out a month ago: If St. Pete is foolish to house baseball on a piece of downtown land that could be used for other uses, why would Tampa want to do the same thing in its booming downtown?


  1. Nearly every piece of land could be used for multiple uses. Your argument exposes your ignorance of economics.

    1. Or the ignorance of the redevelopment argument?

      If multi-use (commercial + residential) is better than a baseball stadium in St. Petersburg, why is a baseball stadium better than multi-use in Tampa?

      I assure you, there is no shortage of land in St. Petersburg to accommodate the city's growing residential & commercial demands.