Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mets Want Spring Training Company in Port St. Lucie

Paging Rick Scott, Paging Rick Scott....

Florida's governor doesn't love newspapers, but hopefully he read today's New York Times article on the Mets' desire for some spring training company near Port St. Lucie:
(T)he Mets could end up more isolated if the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros, which are nearing the ends of their leases in their current stadiums, move their training camps to other parts of Florida or to Arizona, where there are more teams.
The Mets, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary here, are seeking a second team to share their facility because it would generate more revenue and ensure another team does not depart the region. St. Lucie County spent $2.5 million last year to update and expand Tradition Field, the Mets’ spring training home, including space for a second clubhouse.
To keep teams from leaving, Gov. Rick Scott announced last week that he would ask the Florida legislature for $5 million a year to improve Major League Baseball facilities in the state.
You can read more about Governor Scott's baseball re-investment plan here.

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