Friday, March 29, 2013

Rays Experimenting More with Dynamic Pricing

The Rays have had tiered ticket prices for years, where better opponents will command higher prices.  And now, according to the Tampa Bay Times, the team is moving another step toward "dymanic pricing," where market demand will fluctuate prices, even up until the day of the game:
Under the old Rays system, a fan would pay more to watch a game against the popular New York Yankees than to see a struggling club such as the Houston Astros. The most desirable games were called "diamond" games, which cost more than "platinum" games, and those cost more than ones rated as "gold" and "silver."
The team has stopped using the labels, and now says it could change prices during the season based on team popularity or a special event at the stadium.
But as this site has pointed out before, the Rays' aren't interested in true dymanic pricing, where low demand creates huge bargains for fans.  With a small season-ticket base, the Rays don't want to totally dimish the value of their tickets.  And selling 15,000 tickets at $20 a piece is still more profitable than selling 30,000 tickets at $5 a piece.

The Rays' new strategy should help them maximize crowds on weeknights while allowing them to maximize profits on concert, weekend, and rivalry games.  And the message to fans?  If you're thinking about buying tickets to a popular date, do it now before prices go up.


  1. $5 a piece to have a packed house? = Yes, because you sell more parking and more food and merchandise. Rays are ignorant..

  2. Your kidding me right? They sell beer for $9. That is sticking it to the fan. I don't know where you live, but where I live I can buy a 12-pack of Bud Light for $10. No parking fees either. Oh and its free on TV, not $25 or more per ticket. If the Rays could bring down their concessions, parking, and ticket prices, the fans will return. Keep in mind people, people have to budget their money, something that the MLB just doesn't understand or doesn't care about.