Friday, March 22, 2013

Roger Goddell-Related Weekend Reading

Good read for you this weekend over at the Man, Economy, & Sport blog about how Roger Goodell defends sports subsidies as a community's investment, not to mention how it builds its self-identity.  He doesn't say it's a good investment, necessarily....but that's for you, the reader, to decide.

Speaking of investment, here is some more interesting reading on the Falcons' new subsidies, courtesy of The Sports Economist blog.  Skip Sauer ponders, "What are the Falcons worth to Atlanta?"

You'll get no argument from me that sports teams provide valuable return to communities - but it's not infinate return, so at some breaking point, a region's investment outweighs the value returned.  Just where is that breaking point for Atlanta?  Where is it for Tampa Bay or Miami or Minneapolis?

And, as you continue to waste man-hours this weekend watching NCAA basketball, you can read Neil deMaus' post, "No, the NCAA tournament isn’t an economic boon, next question."

Happy weekend!

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