Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Bud Selig Could Get a New Stadium Deal Done Today

Saw this gem on Twitter today:
That salary is more than the entire Downtown Tampa TIF generates in bondable real estate taxes.  And since Mayor Buckhorn explained those revenues can be bonded at a 10-to-1 rate over 30 years (Field of Schemes' Neil deMause says the rate is even higher), Selig could conceivably bond $200 million on his salary alone.

$200 million!?!?!  That's probably enough to close the giant gap that's prohibited the Rays' Stadium Saga from moving forward!

Now, now, I recognize Selig isn't going to remain commissioner for 30 more years and no bank would give him a $200 million personal bond.  But then again, would it be that hard for the league to commit $18M a year to a new Rays stadium?


  1. Make people who are of food stamps and other forms of welfare take a cut in benefits. They are not giving back to society. Channel the cuts to a new rays stadium. If a parent cant afford to take care of their kids put them for adoption to families who can give those kids a better life. Why should Selig give his salary to pay for a ballpark. I admire people who work to build a better life for themselves. funny these same people on food stamps are buying cookies chips soda on their food stamps. Lets cut their welfare benefits to make a new stadium happen.


    When you get your progressive idea up for referendum, remember when you vote for it, you will not be able to do so as ANONYMOUS.