Thursday, September 26, 2013

Montreal, Like Tampa, Wants Baseball...and Has No Idea How to Pay for It

Headline: "Poll shows 69 per cent of Quebecers want Major League Baseball back in Montreal"

Context (via Field of Schemes):
It doesn’t look like the poll actually asked people what they’d want to spend to build a new stadium to get a team — the full poll results haven’t actually been released — but that’s certainly the plan.
We knew that MontrĂ©al had a lot of baseball fans, that it’s big, and that MLB would be stupid to turn up its nose at putting a team there if it offered a new stadium. As when the Expos were still extant, though, the trick is going to be getting the stadium built, or rather figuring out who would pay for it. I wonder what ever happened to the money from that “buy a brick” campaign the Expos ran for their attempt at a new ballpark? Probably sitting in one of Jeffrey Loria’s desk drawers…

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