Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good Thanksgiving Reads

To tide you over between the turkey and the yams, a sampling of what's going on in the world of stadia:
  • AJC and Peach Pundit: Cobb commissioners give go-ahead for $300M Braves subsidies without knowing who will pay for all of amenities.
  • Field of Schemes: Nationals asking for roof over 5yo stadium...STOP LAUGHING AT ME!
  • BizBallMaury: The NHL gets a new TV deal – don’t expect that cable bubble to burst anytime soon.
  • Field of Schemes: Cleveland to hand Browns “only” an extra $2 million a year because they weren’t held hostage like other NFL cities.
  • Field of Schemes: Los Angeles not enough to blackmail NFL cities into stadium subsidies; league now looks to London.

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