Thursday, November 7, 2013

"The Gamesmanship is Following the Modern Public Relations Playbook"

In case you missed it last weekend in the Tampa Tribune:
So far, the gamesmanship is following the modern public relations playbook, according to the handful of professionals who agreed to be interviewed, on or off the record.

Expect an all-out, multi-layered campaign — using polls, ads and grassroots advocacy — that relies more on what one’s neighbors think than what politicians say.
The article was talking about the push for resort casinos in Florida - not stadiums - but the theme should sound very familiar to those that follow:
  • the Rays' stadium campaign in Tampa Bay;
  • the Dolphins' renovation campaign in Miami;
  • the Jaguars' renovation campaign in Jacksonville;
  • the speedway renovation campaign in Daytona;
  • the Magic and MLS stadium campaigns in Orlando;
  • the Red Sox' and Orioles' spring training stadium campaigns in SW Fla...
...just to name a few.

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