Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Smashing Start" for Tampa Baseball Museum

Nice read over at, where my colleague Grayson Kamm covered the "wall-breaking" ceremony for what will ultimately be the Tampa Baseball Museum:
Local leaders, contractors, and the heads of the Ybor City Museum Society -- who are behind the project -- took turns smashing a sledgehammer through one of the home's walls in a ceremony Wednesday.

Once the inside and outside are renovated -- no small task -- a collection of Tampa Bay baseball memorabilia and artifacts will move from the nearby Ybor City Museum into the Al Lopez house.

The items will find a new home in the old home of the forefather of Tampa Bay baseball, the first of what's now more than 80 major league ballplayers to grow up in Hillsborough County.
Hopefully it'll be a good project.  If you'd like to contribute via the Citizinvestor crowd-sourcing effort, you can donate here.

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