Sunday, November 17, 2013

Report: Sternberg, Kriseman Meet For an Hour, Avoid Stadium Talk

Tucked away inside this morning's Metro section of the Tampa Bay Times was a short Marc Topkin piece about Rays owner Stuart Sternberg meeting with St. Pete Mayor-Elect Rick Kriseman:
Topkin was gracious enough to pass along a corrected link as well {link to Times' site}.

The two leaders met for an "hour-plus" on Friday, but "agreed not to talk about the ongoing stadium stalemate."  However, Topkin indicated the two discussed a "regional business approach," which also included transportation and lifestyle issues.  Ultimately, an approach that can only benefit the future of baseball in Tampa Bay.


  1. Hey Noah, did you see the article in the Tribune about Al Lang Field? Kind of an interesting read about the debate over trying to keep it as a baseball stadium, versus making modifications to have it be more soccer-friendly for the Rowdies, or just demolishing it entirely and building a new multi-sport venue.