Friday, May 29, 2015

GASP! Orlando City Soccer Didn't Get Expected State Funds and Will Now...Just Pay for It Themselves

Remember January's post, "Teams Prove the Scary Repercussion of Not Publicly-Financing They Have to Pay for it Themselves," my post that showed teams seldom follow through on their threats about potentially not getting tax dollars?

Well, add Orlando City Soccer to the list:
Orlando City Soccer Club and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer today announced due to the overwhelming market response to Lions’ matches at home, Orlando City will increase capacity in the new stadium to accommodate between 25,000 and 28,000 fans, and will provide additional enhanced amenities for a premium fan experience.

In addition, the Club announced it will privately fund the entire downtown stadium construction, allowing the project to move forward immediately with an expected completion date of summer 2016. The City of Orlando has agreed to sell the property in Parramore designated as the site for the downtown soccer stadium to Orlando City Soccer Club, and the Club has agreed to develop the stadium. Orlando City SC will become the sole owners and operators of the venue.
So even though Orlando City was the least-bad stadium investment pitched to state lawmakers this year, Florida taxpayers will be spared the possibility of having to foot an additional bill for another stadium.

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Let's just remember a month ago, when the team and supporters said additional public financing was "integral" and indicated they'd have to scale down construction without the state cash.

And in January, the rhetoric was:
Latvala and Galvano both said the City of Orlando and Orlando City Soccer, specifically, would not have moved forward with stadium construction had the prospect of state subsidies not been in place. Latvala also pointed to convincing support from both legislative chambers for the final version of his bill.
So to the three pro teams & leagues still seeking state cash - Miami Dolphins, Daytona Int'l Speedway, and Jacksonville Jaguars - who will be next??

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