Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What Surprises Should We Expect at Thursday's St. Pete Stadium Workshop?

Ahead of Thursday's St. Petersburg city council workshop on Tropicana Field redevelopment, the Times' Charlie Frago reports some of the folks in city hall are toying with a proposal that would tie the site's future to helping blighted neighborhoods on the south side of town:
Rays officials won't be there. But Mayor Rick Kriseman will attend the workshop, looking to "move the issue forward," in the words of his chief of staff Kevin King.

One new possible wrinkle in the saga? Somehow tying the potentially lucrative future of the Tropicana Field property to the economically distressed poor neighborhoods to its south.
No telling if the proposal has any legs, but it may have to do with the political deal-making I suggested could help break the deadlock.  The key target: Councilman Steve Kornell, whose district also lays on the South side of St. Pete.

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Thursday's workshop starts at 2:30 p.m., but don't expect too many significant developments.

Frago continues:
The mayor is open to a study, King said, especially if the Rays are willing to shoulder some of the cost. Rays officials have said they would be willing to do that.

Kriseman sent council members a memo last week outlining existing research on the economic impact of baseball for cities. The findings range in a spectrum from significant to almost none. Council member Jim Kennedy had requested the city do its own study, but Kriseman declined, saying the city would likely arrive at similar conclusions to the existing research.

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  1. What surprise we should expect from Coderre meeting with Manfred Thursday in NYC? What a timing.

  2. Is the administration's memo regarding "economic research" available to the public? Posting it here would be a great service. It would give everyone an idea of the level of economic sophistication present at City Hall.