Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Times Loves Corporations That Share Wealth; Except for Maybe Pro Sports Teams

Sometimes living in Florida feels like living in the Twilight Zone.

This week, conservative governor Rick Scott is advocating for-profit hospitals share their profits "like Major League Baseball teams" to help support hospitals that treat the poor.

That prompted the Tampa Bay Times to write a half-sarcastic editorial calling Scott, "Florida's Socialist Governor," suggesting all the private enterprises profiting off Floridians (utilities, insurance companies, charter schools, etc.) should also share and kick some of the profits back to the taxpayer.

But for some reason, the Times didn't mention all the pro sports teams that profit off Florida taxpayers.

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The Times editorial board loves the idea of corporations sharing their wealth with taxpayers like MLB teams do with each other...just as long as those corporations aren't MLB teams themselves.

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  1. The one key difference is the financial relationship between the Times and the Rays. The Times cannot bite the hand.

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