Monday, May 25, 2015

Rick Scott and Jeff Vinik: BFFs?

In case you missed Steve Bosquet's story, "The perpetual campaign of Gov. Rick Scott" in the Tampa Bay Times this weekend, he detailed how the governor will be term-limited out in a few years...but is still operating his political action committee, the Let's Get to Work PAC, as if he's still on the campaign trail.

Among the big-time donors who recently gave to Scott: the Lightning's Jeff Vinik.  According to state records, he donated $100,000 to the governor's PAC in early April.

Maybe that's why Scott tweeted congrats to Vinik & the Bolts four times through two-and-a-half playoff series!
To be fair, it's not uncommon for Gov. Scott to congratulate Florida teams and Floridians who win championships.  But not even the Seminoles during their BCS Championship run got the kind of love (four tweets and a video) the Bolts are getting...and the Stanley Cup playoffs aren't done yet, either!

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Vinik's been a long-time GOP supporter, cutting campaign checks in recent years to the likes of Mitt Romney, Pam Bondi, and the Republican National Committee. 

But maybe another $100k from Vinik could get Scott to grow a playoff beard?

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Don't forget, gubernatorial sports tweets are all in good fun...but they're also in good politicking!

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