Thursday, May 14, 2015

Here We Go Again...

Players have a history of Tweeting their disappointment with Rays attendance, but it often gets deleted.  So in case Archer's Tweet gets deleted, here's a screengrab from 1:12pm:

For what it's worth, I was at the game last night too, and 12,000 tickets sold didn't seem to result in 12,000 butts in the seat...


  1. As Chris Archer, and all players, and managers, and coaches should know, nothing positive comes from tweets of this nature. The players will continue to be well paid no matter what, and increase their distance from the 'fans' who have to live in the real world with what they earn.

  2. Baseball is probably less boring if either you are playing it or you are watching it casually from a dugout on one of your 5 days off per week. #firstworldathleteproblems

    How much does he make per start, and what is his hourly rate based on the 9 minutes per game that the ball is in play?

    Truly, Arch, you naive 26 year old f***. Outside those taxpayer-owned walls where your game is played, there are real people with real brains in real jobs in the real economy doing real things. You are a distraction, a diversion, a modern-day court jester, whose dying industry depends exclusively on begging for money from people who are less well off than you. St. Petersburg's chemo-therapy cannot start soon enough. DIAF.

    1. You seem nice.

    2. You just gave me a belly laugh!