Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just How Much of Your Kid's College Fees Go Toward Varsity Athletics??

Here's a good story from USA TODAY on how mid-major college sports programs (and many large programs too) tax students heavily for varsity sports that can't balance their budgets.
The so-called Power Five conferences are different from the American Athletic and Mountain West conferences. They have lots more money.
That puts Old Dominion in a double-bind: Trying to increase its football profile while trying to decrease its dependence on a primary source of revenue. Others in the AAC, Mountain West and C-USA face different challenges, but similar pressures: They are schools in lesser leagues with designs on keeping up with Power Five programs, but typically without the means to underwrite their dreams.
If you've enjoyed our stories on how USF has had to lean more and more on its students to balance its athletic department budget - plus a 2014 loan from the university - then you'll enjoy the USA TODAY piece.

If you haven't enjoyed those stories - and/or if you work for USF - probably no need to read further.

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