Friday, January 24, 2014

David Samson Brags About Screwing Taxpayers Before Going on CBS' "Survivor"

You've got to hand it to Marlins' owner David Samson for.....well, being a total a-hole.  This is from the Miami New Times:
It's hard to outdouche Justin Bieber on a day like today, but, damn it, Marlins President David Samson is certainly going to give it his best shot. The guy who took off in the middle of the season to go film some silly reality show, proves himself to be an A-class asshole in his official bio for Survivor.

When asked what his "personal claim to fame" was, he replied, "Got local government in Miami to contribute over 350 million dollars to a new baseball park during the recession."


  1. David Samson can't even brag factually. It was not $350 mil, but $500 mil.

  2. Not surprising, all sports franchise owners - including the Rayz - want to do the same.