Sunday, January 5, 2014

Palm Beach Gardens Spring Training Subsidy Drama

Maybe the Blue Jays won't fly the coop in Dunedin?

I've been a little slow on spring training updates from Palm Beach County, so here's a quick summary on the recent chaos:
  • Palm Beach County commissioners have basically told the Astros and Blue Jays they're willing to fund a new mega-stadium, perhaps in the $110 million range, for the two teams.
  • But Palm Beach Gardens residents say they will kill the plans because they don't want a two-team stadium in their backyard.
  • Palm Beach Gardens councilmembers also seem to be turning on the proposal, amid allegations of secret back-room dealings and MLB manipulation.
  • A South Florida businessman is trying to change the dynamic of the conversation, suggesting the stadium could land in Boca Raton.
  • But the same article indicates the Astros, who are driving the conversation, say its Palm Beach Gardens or nothing. "The team hinted it will look in Arizona if the Gardens site falls through." Convenient.
It's no surprise the Astros mention the Arizona boogeyman...that, of course, is how MLB is squeezing upwards of $100 million from Florida in the next decade.

The next development comes Jan. 9, when the Palm Beach Gardens city council will vote on whether they want to move forward with the stadium plans.

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