Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rays Say Payroll Once Again "Unsustainable"

Rays' GM Andrew Friedman once again said a $70+ million payroll was "unsustainable," but owner Stu Sternberg was going to stretch his wallet this year:
It's a nice olive branch for Rays fans, but the comments are nothing new.

In 2010, after the Rays signed Rafael Soriano, Friedman said the team "has no flexibility."  They went on to win the AL East.

Friedman also said the team's high payroll would be "stealing" from future years (i.e. 2011).  However, the next year, the team went on to win the Wild Card.

And the team has repeatedly shown it doesn't need to sustain a $70M payroll to sustain success.
In fact, following the 2011 season, Friedman acknowledged modest success and competitive teams may be sustainable.

Its a huge testament to the Rays' front office, and I'm sure Friedman gets frustrated at times not being able to spend like his AL East counterparts.  And no doubt, spending more gives you more margin of error.

But baseball created a system of inequity and there will always be "have nots" that cannot spend like the "have's." 

Friedman's comments are just another subtle reminder that the team wants help from the region to balance its budget.

But there's hope on the horizon, as the Rays are in-line for a new TV deal in 2017.  And who knows, they may even sell more beer in the bleachers in 2014.

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  1. Nice positive write-up on the Rays 2014 on-field payroll, and what was said about by those who's writing the check. It's probably another wealthy person crying poor-mouth, but being a things-going-right season away from winning the World Series, it's good to see them not tanking for future winning & current pocketing like the Astros. I think with a lil' more advertising of the new "360" at Trop, and some more creating ways to lure people to cross the bridges, they should increase revenues compared to last season...