Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Times Suggests Kriseman Should Solve Stadium Stalemate Within "Months"

Rick Kriseman hasn't even taken the oath of office yet, but the Tampa Bay Times editorial board is making it clear St. Pete's next mayor is already on-the-clock when it comes to the Rays' Stadium Saga.

A couple days after it named the saga one of Tampa Bay's most pressing issues of 2014 and writing "it is up to Kriseman to find a creative way to let the team (look in Tampa) while protecting St. Petersburg's interests," the Times editorial board cranks up the pressure another notch on New Year's Day {link to Times site}.

Its editorial on local leaders to watch in the new year suggests "Kriseman, 51, could use a big victory in his first few months such as an agreement with the Rays."

There are reasons to wonder if the Rays would allow Kriseman to score any "victory" for the city, not to mention plenty of reasons to believe it wouldn't happen quickly.

But then again, a settlement with the Rays was one of the issues Kriseman campaigned on, so expect plenty of continued pressure from the Times' editorial board.

You can also now count on a little bit of feet-to-the-fire pressure from Politifact too.

The Times' stable of wonderful fact-checkers launched "Krise-O-Meter" to track the new mayor's campaign promises, including Rays-related promises like a pay to stray requirement and protection of St. Pete taxpayers.

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