Sunday, January 19, 2014

Silverman on Baseball Economics

Speaking to the Tampa Bay Business Journal's incomparable Alexis Muellner, Rays President Matt Silverman talked about how new TV money is changing the game of baseball economics.

"There's an influx of new TV money that teams are grappling with," Silverman told Muellner.  "We've known it's coming for the last couple of years, but it's hitting this year, and were seeing some inflation in salaries. The cost of poker is going up, but we all have more money to spend."

This blog has dedicated great space to the television money coming the league's way.

But the Rays also know about an influx of local money coming in 2017...and how that money could make their case for stadium subsidies harder.

Could this mean the start of new "inflation" talking points for the Rays?  It's legitamate...but its also a sign that the "problem" in Tampa Bay is really an MLB problem.  Of course, the best fix might just be to share profits among teams the same way the NFL does.  But then again, if you're MLB, why try to fix a system you don't think is broke?

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