Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Grass Roots Group Forms in Pinellas

"Home Run Pinellas" is the name of the new grass-roots group trying to keep the Rays in St. Pete.  The group just popped up on Facebook and Twitter a few weeks ago:
With only 9 members on Facebook and 8 followers on Twitter, the group has a lot of growing to do.  But its first meeting is tonight, 7 p.m.

Where else?  Ferg's.


  1. Well, there's car lots w/ only 10 junkie vehicles for sale that advertise like they're as big as Ferman, and then there is dealerships that are Ferman... Good luck selling the Rays on playing anywhere but the future entertainment hub for west central Florida...

  2. Guy doesn't have to balls to print his name. But we intend to prove him wrong. If the citizens of Pinellas want to keep the team badly enough, they can do it. They just have to excite the community in the effort. Peter Golenbock

  3. well, we expect this, and we are ready for it, we did not expect to be welcomed with cupcakes, we know what we are up against, and it's going to piss them off when this fans group proves them wrong ! ! I've even been practicing my reply which is : you have the freedom to express your opinion, god bless America, GO RAYS - GAME ON

  4. that guy talks Ferman, but the guy that had the 1st. rights to the tampa bay franchise was Frank Morsani, who at the time was a very prominent business man in Tampa, He had no problems sitting in his seat at tropicana, even after being screwed by Bud Selig.. look, there is no petty-ass war, we like ray-jay and the times forum we would just like the chance to build a state of the art baseball stadium over here on our shores, then we can put this ' won't cross the bridge talk to bed ...

    1. till then, they can swim with the turds that wash up on the east side of the bay ! ! ...lol