Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tampa Yankees Staying Put After All

After first flirting with Orlando, then subsequently Ocala, the Yankees' minor-league team in Tampa will stay put, according to Bay News 9.  But does that mean they'll want stadium subsidies from Tampa now?
Everything seemed on track for the team to move to Marion County, until commissioners started talking about a tax increase to fund a new stadium.

In a letter to the Ocala City Council, the Tampa Yankees requested suspending the project saying: "While we expected to bring the community together on this project it unfortunately has become a source of division.”
An October post here explained why a $45 million stadium in Ocala was a terrible idea, although the team would have meant more to that small city than it does to Tampa.  Not only does the team draw fewer than 2,000 fans per game in Tampa, but Yankees spring training (the real tourist draw) was staying put regardless.

One thing to watch: Yankees VP of Marketing, Howard Grosswirth, said, "We've decided that in the best interest for everybody to put it on hold and to move our efforts and to stay in Tampa."  Will "their efforts" mean asking for Steinbrenner Field upgrades?

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