Saturday, April 6, 2013

How Do New A's Commercials Stack Up?

The Oakland A's are launching a new marketing campaign that seems to borrow a page from the "This is SportsCenter" playbook.  Check out some of the ads here.

It's not the kind of campaign you'd see from a defending division champ, but when Coco Crisp is your most marketable player and your owner has spent the better part of a decade complaining about your stadium, you might as well take some chances.

It's a drasticly different approach than the Rays, who have branded "Welcome Home" and are trying to capitalize on a "strong regional affinity."

But nothing I've seen in the last year has made me want to go to a MLB game as much as this ad:
And a few others from the Mariners last year:
(A's commercials courtesy of our friends at New Ballpark in the San Francisco Bay)

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