Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rays Games Remain Some of MLB's Most Affordable Experiences

Rays ticket prices may have inched up a tiny bit in recent years, but the team remains one of baseball's most affordable experiences for fans.

The 2013 Team Marketing Report "Fan Cost Index" (FCI) estimated a family of four will spend $155.54 at an average Rays game, less than half of what they'd spend at a Red Sox ($337) or Yankees ($324) game.

The average price of a Rays ticket is $20.39 this year, up from $19.84 last year and $19.42 the year before.  Affordable, but not as affordable as the free programs and free parking the Rays got credit for in the study (even though parking is not always free).

The biggest jump for the Rays in the FCI since 2011 has been the price of a ballcap, up from $10.00 to $17.99.  Also, parents will now (in theory) save a buck on each kids' drink since the Rays introduced a 12 oz. soda, smaller than the previous "small" by four ounces.

According to its website, the FCI "comprises the prices of four (4) adult average-price tickets, two (2) small draft beers, four (4) small soft drinks, four (4) regular-size hot dogs, parking for one (1) car, two (2) game programs and two (2) least expensive, adult-size adjustable caps. Costs were determined by telephone calls with representatives of the teams, venues and concessionaires. Identical questions were asked in all interviews. Superscript numbers next to Beer and Soft Drink prices denote smallest available size in ounces.

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