Tuesday, April 2, 2013

St Pete Residents Oppose Tax Dollars for Stadium, but Open to Transit

It should come as no surprise the residents who already live near Tropicana Field don't want to pay for a new stadium, but SaintPetersblog reports that new numbers from St. Pete Polls indicate residents would rather spend their tourist tax receipts on beach renourishment:
According to the poll, conducted on April 1, an overwhelming majority of registered St. Petersburg voters oppose using tax dollars to construct a new stadium for the Rays. 63% of those surveyed oppose using public funds to build a new Rays baseball stadium in Pinellas County, while only 27% support the idea.
While St. Petersburg voters are opposed to using tax dollars for a new stadium, there are slivers of support for a light rail system in Pinellas. They are evenly split — 47% for and against — on their willingness to pay more in taxes to build a new light rail mass transit system in Pinellas County. By a wider margin — 49% to 42% — voters say they think Pinellas County needs a light rail system.

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