Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tampa Takes Aim at BCS Championship

The top headline in this morning's Tampa Tribune reads "RayJay in line for '16 game":
Raymond James Stadium appears to be a solid contender to host the second college football championship in 2016 after making what insiders called a surprisingly strong bid for the historic first championship game.

Bowl Championship Series commissioners Wednesday night picked Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for the championship, to be played Jan. 12, 2015. The game will be the first under a new College Football Playoff system that will feature playoff bowl games in six stadiums around the country before a final championship game.

Tampa Bay Sports Commission Director Rob Higgins said “we'll sharpen our pencils” for a bid to host the 2016 game but he would not reveal details of the package that so impressed BCS commissioners this week.
Because the deck was so stacked in Dallas' favor, Tampa was the only other city to even bother with a bid.  Therefore, it was the only losing bid.  But Higgins told me he thinks this year's effort will go a long way toward impressing the commissioners in the future.

In other Raymond James-related news, the Glazers continue their world domination with Manchester United's record 20th English league title.  It should be a safe bet the net worths of both the team and the family will continue to soar.


  1. ? This isn't a article about Raymond James hosting another revenue streaming big event, is it? I thought new stadiums aren't worth the $$$, or that they never make a city more $$$ then the city invests? Maybe I been right the whole time, maybe a new Rays ballpark would bring MORE revenue through it's use, plus real estate & business around the park in time then the city invests...

  2. of course my comment wasn't defended... lol