Monday, April 1, 2013

Quick Hits for Opening Day

Sternberg Q&A: Times' beatwriter Marc Topkin fired a few dozen rapid-fire questions at Rays owner Stu Sternberg, which revealed plenty about his personal life, but honestly, little new about the Stadium Saga.  Except for the fact that Sternberg calls bed taxes "a necessary evil."

The San Antonio Experiment: The other Bay Area's Stadium Saga expert,, covers the recent exhibition games played at San Antonio's Alamadome.  While the blog speculates the A's could try and play a few "home" games there to force their stadium issue, it also points out a San Antonio councilman talked about the city as a possible expansion market, but not a relocation market.

Spring Training Stadium Subsidies: News-Press Readers in Southwest Florida love that the Twins and Red Sox are breaking attendance records, but they don't love the fact that they're paying for both of the teams' spring stadiums.  Check out the comments on this article(disclosure: the paper is owned by the same company, Gannett, that employs me)

Orlando Magic Stimulus: As this blog has previously mentioned, redevelopment around the Orlando Magic's new Amway Center has experienced a series of ups-and-downs the last few years.  But, according to the Orlando Sentinel, the franchise hopes to change that for the better by purchasing city-owned property across the street for a $100 million sports-and-entertainment complex.  It doesn't seem to be the exact same plot of land they said they were going to buy in 2011, but if they actually move forward with plans this time (and pay for it themselves), it could be a big boom for Downtown Orlando.

About 24 hours: until the Rays kick off the 2013 season against the Baltimore Orioles!

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